Love or meh?

Hey Friends!

It’s hard to believe that August is right around the corner. The talk of Fall is starting to take over. 

But...THANKFULLY, it’s still warm outside, and we can still rock out some of our favorite Summer trends! One of the hottest right now? Rompers and jumpsuits.

I’ll be the first to say I didn’t jump on this bandwagon right away. For one, I’m short, and things like this don’t usually work in my favor unless I want t walk all over my pants all day. Secondly, well...getting completely undressed to go to the bathroom seemed like a lot of work. 😬

Maddy was insistent, though, that we give it a go for the shop. So we dove in. Guess what? LOVE IT!

I’m sure they’re not all created equally, so I can only speak from the experience of our Maddy Jumpsuit from Alice & Agnes Boutique. Friends, it is SO soft and stretchy. It’s a little like wearing pajamas! Plus, it’s cropped so being short isn’t a huge deal. WIN!

Plus, I’ve discovered jumpsuits can be dressed up by simply adding pretty jewelry and a heel -or- down with your favorite flip flops. My favorite thing is they’re the perfect alternative to a Summer dress for GNO or a wedding. Even better, it seemlessly transitions into Fall by adding a denim jacket, blazer or even a fun chunky cardigan. 

Needless to say, I’ve become a fan! As for the bathroom thing....well, that’s still a thing, but sometimes looking cute comes at a small price. Did I mention it feels like wearing pajamas? That’s the real win. 😉 Want to see what I mean? Check it out here. 😍

Xo, Laney 🥂

Laney Romine
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I LOVE jumpsuits and secretly wish I could wear them every day BUT, my struggle is this… I can NEVER find one that has the correct length for me…. 4’10" makes this struggle very real for me. Signed,
short girls CAN’T jump…… suit!

— Kelly