Meet the Owner

Hey, there! Welcome to Alice & Agnes! I am Laney, the owner and big dreamer here at Alice & Agnes. I am also a wife to my most favorite person ever (who works his tail off and I SO admire him for it), champagne lover, coffee junkie, cami-obsessed and momma to 5 incredible kids....hence the coffee AND the champagne. Ya know what I mean? I stay insanely busy and don’t really know how to do life any other way. I absolutely live for sunshine (I’m solar powered. I’ pretty sure), warm temps and Friday lunch dates with my main guy. Oh...and I love chicken wings. Like a lot.
I started Alice & Agnes with my 2 daughters, Maddy & Molly, in late Summer 2018. I had dreamed for as long as I could remember about owning my own store, and after 10 successful years in the direct selling world, I spontaneously jumped in with 2 feet. I recognized, like so many other women out there, I was a busy lady with little time to think much about what I was wearing. I needed a style that was simple, required little effort and most importantly fit comfortably. As you know, the life of today’s woman is one of needing to be a million places in a single day and not sitting down until after 9pm most days. We need clothes that move with us, are flattering and don’t break the bank. PLUS...I am a chick who has been ALL the sizes over the last 15 years. Pre-baby body, post-baby body, too-many-chicken-wings body and I’m-about-to-go-on-vacation body, you name it. I’ve been there, and I believe all women deserve to have cute, casual, comfortable clothes. We believe when your clothes feel good on the outside, it makes you feel even better on the inside. And guys, even on the days when you don’t really believe it, YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!! We are here to help you feel it!
While our clothes look amazing on women of all ages, we saw a lack of options in the clothing world for us women over 35. Our style focuses on function and comfort. We look for pieces you can take from day to night, easily. We focus on clothing made with soft, stretchy fabrics. We love things that hang beautifully and cling in just the right places (none of those OTHER places). We offer tops you can wear a REAL bra with. We choose denim with stretch and that hit at the actual waist! Momma, can’t do that low rise stuff! This is why we carry sizes S-3X, and you will always see real women modeling real sizes. We are all about keeping it real.
At A&A, we are proud to “dress our age.” Because, we know that being comfortable and covering all the right places, doesn’t have to mean wearing a moo-moo. As a matter of fact, my teenage daughters love our styles too...we think that’s saying a lot!! One more thing...nothing over $50...EVER!!! Girl. We got you.
Oh and hey...We are more than just a cute (and comfy) clothing store. We are here building a community. A community of women entering (or hopefully already in) a place of self-love, having SO much fun, and living your best life. Thank you for being part of our community! So go ahead and eat the chicken wings. Buy the cute outfit. Life is short. You deserve it! ❤️