It's FRIDAY!!! YAY!!! This has been the longest week EVER!!!! Whew! But we survived and, and I am excited to share this weeks: How I wore it!

This week was super casual for me, which is my FAVE!! I would live in sweatpants if I could, but you know...😬 I actually didn’t plan this but I loved the way the two times I thought to snap a picture I was wearing graphic tops. 👏🏻 This is a perfect example of how our items can take on different forms in your wardrobe. While both outfits are casual, they are clearly different. I think it is so important to know that dressing with boutique style does not mean you have to be sporting satin and lace. You can look completely put together and be so comfy!

Day 1: This look proves that a t-shirt doesn't have to look sloppy. I layered up the October graphic tee with my favorite lightweight cardigan from Kohl’s. I placed an order for something very similar that's super exciting! The orange color really pops with the neutral gray. I always layer my tees with a white cami because I like longer tops. It's just what I do. Added the distressed jeans from the shop with a cuff for the warmer weather that came in later in the afternoon. Of course, the bootie has a huge impact on this outfit taking it up a level from streetwear (if you wore a sneaker) to lunchdate wear. I added some light accessories including a small necklace and bracelets to give it a little more dressy feel. This outfit was perfect for the super chilly start to the day, and then I dropped the sweater when the sun came out later.

Day 2: Another graphic top for the win! This is much more like my daily look. 😂 Anyone feeling that? I’m definitely a champagne in sweatpants kind of chick. 🥂😀 It was raining and chilly this day. I threw on the S’mores and Bonfires sweatshirt and paired it with my usual cami. I did this more to cover my booty in my leggings. In my opinion, I am 38 and my booty doesn't need to just be hanging all out there. 🙈 But that is everyone's own preference, for sure! This sweatshirt is SO soft, guys! What I love most is that it is so soft, but it is not hot! I grabbed my favorite athletic leggings and some sneakers to keep my feet warm and dry. Friends, do not spend a ton of money on black athletic leggings. The ones I am wearing here I got at Kroger. Yes, Kroger for $7. I would must rather splurge on something unique than something that costs more but looks just like the cheap stuff. Note: I could’ve easily swapped out the October tee for the sweatshirt, also.

As soon as it gets a little chilly again, I am going to show how you can dress UP a graphic sweatshirt! Stay tuned!
***So tell me are YOU a graphic top fan?****

Laney Romine