I still remember sitting in my college dorm sketching my dreams of owning my own store. It was absolutely the only thing I wanted to do. I could picture everything. It was perfect. There was just one problem...I was a broke college student with no idea how to start my own business. I decided this would be nothing more than a dream and a bunch of sketches. I never dreamed one day I would be working side by side with my own daughters one day. 

As the years passed, the dream of owning my own business never faded. I dabbled and considered many different avenues. It wasn’t until after a 9 year journey of successes in the direct selling industry that I finally got up the nerve to say “I’m going to do this.”

So here I am 20 years actually living the dream I have dreamed for so long. 

As a naive college kid, I didn’t realize a small store could have a purpose so much bigger than just fulfilling a personal dream.  The reality is this store represents so much more than never giving up on a dream. As a mother of daughters, I saw the importance of helping women grow their confidence, self-esteem and self-love. I saw the need for women to feel supported and included. Alice & agnes is not just about a cute online shop with affordable, unique styles. It’s about helping women feel pretty inside and out, embracing their feminine side, and feeling a high level of confidence when you step out of your house every single day. Women deserve to be uplifted to help squash their insecurities. Alice & agnes is here to do that!

In my world, family is everything, so it was a no-brainer to me that I would bring my daughters in to work with me on this dream come true. I wanted them to know the impact they could have on helping other women feel good about themselves. And we are beyond excited to help women feel beautiful every day. We have big dreams for Alice & agnes!

We are committed to working everyday to make sure women feel uplifted and confident through not only our boutique selections but also through our online communities. We are here for YOU!  Alice & agnes is here to serve you with casual, feminine, size inclusive and affordable styles. We are so excited to inspire you to feel beautiful every day! You deserve it! 




Laney Romine
Tagged: Family Fashion