Air & Car Freshies


Color: Volcano

Love on your car with a new freshie. ❤️

Freshie colors and label designs are randomly selected.


  • Bird of Paradise- Strawberry Vanilla with a fruity twist
  • Butt Naked- sweet, sugary marshmallows, honey dew, creamy vanilla, pineapples and a mix of exotic fruit.
  • Cabernet- a sweet aroma of wild grapes and hints of strawberry
  • Love Spell- that VS scent we love
  • Strawberry Leather- Leather and juicy strawberry
  • Volcano- tropical fruit, lemon, lime, oranges and exotic mountain greens
  • Sweetie pie-  hints of raspberry and blackberry but a full strawberry tropical fruits like lychee and rambutan.
  • Cupid kisses- Cherry, Sweet Apple, Cantaloupe, Ginger, Lime, Cinnamon, Nutmeg