“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” -Confucius 

HELLO! Welcome to our little shop! Let me introduce myself. My name is Laney, and I am the proud owner of Alice & Agnes, my long time dream come true! I am the also the mama and step-mama of 5 amazing kids. Being their mama is truly one of my greatest joys! I have an amazing husband who works hard and supports me and all my crazy dreams! And I am one lucky girl, because I have had my fair share of BIG dreams over our 15 years together! And Alice & Agnes wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for all of these people in my life! That brings me to our little story. 

The dream of Alice & Agnes started way back in my college days. I would sit in my rental house bedroom alone with my notebook making plans all about the shop I was going to own. Back then it wasn’t names Alice & Agnes - I have no idea what I thought I’d name it, actually - but it was a bridal store. A big bridal store serving as a one stop shop. It was grand and gorgeous in my mind. But — I was 19 and broke college student who grew up on a farm. I decided to keep going to class. Ha!

Fast forward 10 years — I am a college grad, married with 2 kiddos and 2 step kiddos. Whoa! I never saw myself here...but that dream of owning my own business was still burning inside. After dabbling in many different businesses, I stumbled into the direct selling industry for 9 impactful years. I grew a large business, built massive amounts of confidence, and learned so much about owning my own business.

Enter 2018. I started shopping at some cute online boutiques. I found friends were loving my clothes, and I started giving referrals. I became so disappointed when friends were struggling to find their size at these boutiques. SUDDEN INSPIRATION! Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Goodness knows I’ve been about every shape and size possible in my 38 years. And women deserve to be able to find cute, comfortable, affordable, feminine clothes at all sizes!

My daughters and I discussed the vision I had for an online store serving all women. Helping women feel beautiful everyday. Empowering women to be confident in loving themselves. Not being afraid to embrace their feminine side. And we loved it! Of course, my amazing husband gave me the best compliment when he said “Go for it! This sounds just like you!” You see, I can’t do anything that isn’t authentic to me. So Alice & Agnes will always stock things I would wear, use or share myself. You have my word. We are family owned and operated. And we are excited to inspire and empower you to feel your best everyday. 

So you might be wondering what’s in a name...  Well, I just love to name things...babies, dogs, babies. You name it. LOL...see what I did there. Sometimes I think that’s why I had so many dang kids. I had too many names. HA! When I was picking the name, I knew it would be my last baby of sorts. I knew it had to be “Alice.” My youngest, Ben, was supposed to be Alice, but he was a boy so that wasn’t really going to work. And Agnes — well, you know that cute, little orphan from Descipable Me? She inspired us. So there you have it...we named our shop after my last baby and the girl with the fluffy unicorn— because what’s dreamier than that?

As a friend of Alice & Agnes, we will always do our best to ensure you feel valued and appreciated. We will be here to tell you how pretty you are after you found the pimple on your chin and then dove for the chocolate. Because at A&A, we are all friends, and friends dream big dreams, sip the champagne and shops for cute clothes together. It’s what we do.