Mixologie Moisturizing Body Mist Perfume

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Made up of 10 distinct scents that evoke 12 characteristics we admire, Mix•o•logie is the alcohol-free blendable perfume collection that evolves with you feeling electric, serene, inspired, tender, free, sultry, tenacious, assured, or feel everything all at once. It’s impossible to go wrong. You can’t when you’re unapologetically, unmistakably, and unabashedly yourself.

    • 1.1 fl oz body mist
    • alcohol free
    • consist of high-quality concentrated oils and a gentler, longer-lasting emollient
    • Made in the USA
  • Risque- intoxicating scent of musk, sandalwood and bergamot
  • Charmed- berries with champagne and musk for a sensual finish
  • Tender- berries and citrus for a clean, crisp and honest scent
  • Assured- understated and unforgettable with amber, musk and a feminine feel
  • Sultry- sensual and strong, musk, amber and rose
  • Free- cool, refreshing, brisk, peony, rose and musk
  • Tenacious- nostalgic, smoky musk with vanilla and sandalwood
  • Inspired- illuminous floral, seductive and romantic
  • Electric- grapefruit, lemon, citrus. an upbeat energetic scent.
  • Soulful- engaging to the core, amber, freesia and jasmine
  • Tempted- island breezes, swinging palms, sugared pineapple and toasted coconut
  • Daring-   Fiery pomegranate, peach and spiced persimmon surround an alluring bouquet of ruby osmanthus and midnight marigolds with a shot of black rum and a bourbon marshmallow cream.